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High Quality

Rare Earth Oxides

We not only developed the common grade rare earth oxides for popular demand, but also produce the high purity, large surface area, higher density, superfine and large particle size materials meeting with the special demand of our customers for purity, particle size as well as high reactivity.

PANGEA always accompanys you plumbing the mysteries of rare earths. In the past decades, PANGEA commits itself to research and develop the basic science of rare earth elements as well as the applied materials. We share the results with our customers, who are technicians in R&D department of high technology enterprises, students and professors from universities or research institutes. Providing a complete rare earth materials' solution to the customer is our mission. Our materials include full range of rare earths with high purity, fine and ultra-fine particle sizes as well as special morphology. 

To satisfy all the varing demands, PANGEA is capable of implementing additional refining steps to its standard production, in order to meet special requirements from the different industries and application fields. Our materials are being used in the highly diversified types of industries like Aerospace, Clean Energy, Metallurgy, Photovoltaic, Pharmaceuticals, High Tech Ceramics and Thermal Spray Coatings just name a few...

Our quality policy is more than words - we stick by our commitment to quality. With over decade of experience in the industry, PANGEA has established its credentials by consistently delivering on its quality policy. From the acquisition of raw material to the shipping of finished products, we test for quality at each stage of the production process. Our meticulous quality procedures include analysis, audits, certifications and spot checks for every product throughout the entire production process.

Our business is providing our customers with the best value by offering the highest quality product at competitive prices - we pay attention to that business. And we have unparalleled capabilities and capacity to rapidly respond to your materials needs. Our skilled material engineers, superb analytical laboratory and unique pilot scale R&D facility keep us a step ahead of the competition. Our technical expertise and long history of refining excellence not only ensure that we can meet your product needs, we take it a step further by working with you towards continual product advancement and development of new or improved products to suit your needs. 

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